David Wood is a successful personal and business coach and co-founder of a global, ICF accredited coach training school for which he wrote the business-building curriculum.

He is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a past Chair of the ICF Publicity Committee.

David has coached hundreds of clients in 13 countries and has coached on national television. He is also a coaches' coach and has personally mentored more than 80 coaches from around the world.

He advises 27,851 coaches through his free twice-a-month newsletter and offers several business-building programs to help coaches quickly fill their practices with clients.

"I have already listened to at least 6 hours and my ability to open my practice has been accelerated by at least 3-6 months. Hearing David's real life advice to coaches has made a huge difference for me.

This will take months off my learning curve. I won't have to go through the frustrating trial and error process which costs time, money and clients! Thank you, David!"

Jeannie Crowell
Oregon, USA


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Coaches... You can have a thriving practice! Easily, enjoyably, and without spending a fortune.

Learn powerful, proven
practice-building secrets
to create a
six-figure income
on a shoestring budget!


Get ready to explode your coaching practice and attract more clients than you can handle.

From: David Wood
New York & Sydney
Tuesday 9:18 am

Dear Coach,

Have you been hearing the dismal statistics about the coaching business? That the majority of coaches make less than $20,000 a year? That only a tiny percentage make more than $100,000 a year?

Are you concerned that you won't be able to thrive financially as a coach?

Does the idea of marketing your practice fill you with dread or cause you to feel overwhelmed?

Let me cut right to the bottom line:

You absolutely can be successful doing what you love.
I've proven it!

What you need are practical, real-life strategies to jump-start your business and continue to easily fill your practice to the brim with clients.

When I first became a coach, I wanted to know everything about building my practice and I wanted to learn it fast! I knew the only way to do that was to hire a top mentor coach. And I paid handsomely for the hours and hours of top-notch personal coaching necessary to get where I wanted to be quickly.

I didn't mind one bit investing in my training because the results were phenomenal. At the height of my practice, I earned a six-figure income working only two days a week.

But I wished there was an easier, quicker and less expensive way for coaches to learn the ropes. So I built it!

Get the insider secrets...

I've had the privilege of personally working with dozens of coaches from around the world to help them build thriving practices. I recorded these information-packed coaching sessions over a four-year span and generated hundreds of audio clips.

"Now you can hear the same insider
secrets to explode your practice.
And at a fraction of the cost my
client coaches paid!"

I've sifted down the best, most easy-to-implement strategies into five powerful CDs — strategies you can start applying today.


Explode Your Coaching Practice™!
Proven Practice Building Secrets to Give You
More Clients Than You Can Handle


Now you can access an information-packed two-volume set of more than 30 audio clips of my best coach mentoring sessions to show you exactly how to quickly fill your practice.

But why am I really excited?

There's really something quite special about this material....

If you're curious to learn
how I know this will work
for you, press play to listen.

(2min, 12 sec)



Here's What You'll Get When You Invest in the
"Explode Your Practice™ CD Set"...

You'll learn:

 CD Number 1
How to Get Your Initial Clients
  • creating a list of contacts
  • communicating your intentions
  • creating a communication plan and approach
How to Set Up a Client
  • example of a first session
  • outlining the "rules"
  • asking for referrals
  • acknowledging your clients
  • beginning an action plan
  • getting accountability
How to Overcome Your Fear of Coaching
  • from anxiety to confidence
  • creating an action plan
  • initiating contact with prospective clients and selling your coaching
 CD Number 2
How to Create Your Brand and Niche
How to Manage Your Newsletter List
  • cost-effective solutions for automated web communication
  • autoresponders
  • advanced newsletter features and facilities
  • which newsletter system to buy
How to Design Your Own Materials, Forms, and Teleclasses
  • converting regular practices into marketing materials
  • create your own Intellectual Property
  • create your own coaching system
How to Create High Ticket Services and Products
  • time for passive revenue!
  • going for the high end
 CD Number 3
How to Negotiate Your Maximum Fee
  • putting a dollar value on your coaching
  • fee-setting
  • ensuring commitment from the client
  • coaching friends - yes or no?
How to Get Clients Via Public Speaking
  • getting your first public-speaking gigs
  • marketing and pricing
  • testimonials
  • negotiating win/win pricing
 CD Number 4
How to Get Clients Via the Internet
  • purpose of a website
  • how to convey who you really are
  • building a relationship via your website
  • the critical progression from free products to higher-priced products
  • creating a target market
  • ideas for your website: quizzes, insights, types of photos
  • what information to capture
  • what clients are looking for
  • template of a proven methodology and format
  • creating traffic to your site: free options and paid services
  • understanding search engines
  • key words
  • maximising your click rate
 CD Number 5
How to Get Clients Via Alliances
  • how to narrow your niche
  • long term client streams
  • what you can offer your alliance partners
  • what your alliance partners can offer you!

* * *

Now, my client coaches' wins can be your wins!

These five CDs are powerful. They aren't generic business theory. These are live recordings of pivotal moments in my clients' businesses. Moments when a light bulb came on, or a perspective changed, or an important piece of information was gleaned.

Why not save yourself months — even years — of time, money and effort, and learn from someone who's already blazed the trail?

I hope you're getting excited about building your practice more quickly and far more enjoyably than you've imagined. These CDs are guaranteed to accelerate your practice!


"...my practice is booming!"

"David, thanks so much for creating Explode Your Practice™. I've listened to all the libraries, and my coaching practice is booming as a result!

I have:

  • 21 new exploration sessions booked
  • 9 new clients
  • my website appearing in all major search engines, and
  • I've started coaching international clients!
Daniel Midson-Short


"...accelerated by 3-6 months!"

"I have already listened to at least 6 hours and my ability to open my practice has been accelerated by at least 3-6 months. Hearing David's real life advice to coaches has made a huge difference for me.

This will take months off my learning curve. I won't have to go through the frustrating trial and error process which costs time, money and clients! Thank you, David!"

Jeannie Crowell
Oregon, USA


"...save us mistakes and trouble"

"This information is invaluable and very useful to those of us graduating from coaching courses who just don't have the knowledge of how or where to start. You save us a lot of mistakes and trouble.

It also shows what a compassionate and helpful coach you are. Thanks for being the brave and excellent coach who asks for and accepts feedback."

Tina Colada


"...good investment"

"The CDs are a good investment illustrating real life circumstances between David and the client. "

Michael R Krutza
Lighthouse Leadership


"...very helpful"

"I recently purchased your "Explode Your Practice CD Set" and just wanted to say thank you. They are great! I am finding them to be very helpful. I have purchased things from you in the past and have always been very satisfied."

Bobbi Henderson
Health& Wellness Coach


"...encouraging and enlightening"

"Just the encouragement in them is golden! I like the way that your advice is so tailored to the person, and so immediately applicable. Your creative solutions help me think outside the box, and come up with what else might work.

You are also very diplomatic, and never lose your focus on doing what is right and beneficial for the people involved. I appreciate your openness and realistic attitude. You are very frank about your own process of development, and this is very encouraging and enlightening to us beginners."

Nancy E. Hamilton

Would you like to hear a sample?

If you're like me - no matter how good something reads on paper - you want to touch it, smell it, hear it - just so you can verify it's really going to make an impact for you. So I've provided a very brief sample clip for you to listen to!

This first 6 minutes of this sample clip is about how to manage your online newsletter without going crazy...

If you would like to hear valuable
information on managing your
newsletter list, press play to listen.

(Truncated Clip: 6 min, 15 sec)

Imagine having over 30 such mentoring clips available as a constant business reference for years to come! These CDs are full of practical examples that can instantly shift your thinking and give you tools to move forward.


How much would you expect to pay?

You'll be surprised how low your investment will be when you realize how much time, effort and expertise has gone into creating this valuable business-building resource.

My coaching clients paid combined fees of $30,000 for the senior mentoring you'll hear in this CD series. This advanced business building tool was four years in the making and contains absolute gems which will translate to turning points for your coaching business.

I've looked at various pricing options that would fairly represent the value of this information and at the same time make it affordable for coaches. I considered charging $1,997, But I knew that would be out of reach for many new coaches. Then I thought $997 would be a reasonable price.


Your super-low-cost investment

Even though I know you can easily recoup a $1,997 investment, I realize your budget for training and mentoring is probably tight right now.

So I want to take away any barrier to you getting what could be your best investment this year to quickly grow your practice and put money in your pocket!

That's why I'm offering this two-volume 5-CD set at the very, very low price of $197.00 US.
(Alternative currencies available.)


Order Now


(Pssst! But whether you pay $1,997 or $997 or even $297 isn't your main concern, is it?

What you're really wondering about is your own return on investment. You want to know if this product will get you clients, and get them fast, to recoup your investment many times over.

Further down I'll tell you how I can guarantee your investment will be worth it.)


Limited Time Special Offer

To make this an absolute no-brainer for you, for a limited time I'm throwing in three very special bonuses. I really am going to make this an offer you can't reasonably pass up.

Bonus Gift 1:

MP3 Download of Entire CD Collection
Now you don't have to wait two weeks for your CDs to arrive by mail. You can download the all the clips and be listening and learning within 10 minutes! Listen while in the car, on a plane, or on vacation.

Value US$57 (available immediately on purchase of CD set)

Bonus Gift 2:

Fully Searchable PDF of Transcriptions of Entire CD Collection
Seventy one pages covering every conversation on the CD's - in an instantly downloadable PDF file. Allows you to search transcription text to instantly find the information you need.

Value US$77 (available immediately on purchase of CD set)

Bonus Gift 3:

 Bonus CD: "How to Build a Global Practice"

Live Recording of speech to the First Global Coaching Teleconference

Value US$97 (available immediately on purchase of CD set)


Let's add it up...

Product Valued at:

Bonuses Valued at:


Today Selling For:







Why so much value for such a low investment?

I believe you'll be so thrilled with the results you generate in your coaching practice from this product, that you'll become a lifetime SolutionBox™ customer and refer lots of your colleagues to us. That's why I want to make sure price is not a barrier to you getting this powerful CD set.

For less than $200, you'll get access to the inside mentoring sessions with my coaching clients who paid combined fees of $30,000 to learn what you're about to hear! Plus, some valuable bonuses to ensure you're able to apply the information effectively to your practice.

Can you think of a more cost-effective investment to build your coaching practice?


Order Now


Who should NOT buy this powerful CD series...

Please do NOT buy this coach business building tool if:

  • you are not serious about growing your coaching business.

  • you truly don't want to make a difference in the lives of people, but are just after the money alone.

  • you are 100% targeting corporate coaching. This business building tool is for people wanting (at least in part) life coaching and business coaching clients.

  • you already have more than 30 clients right now. This product is for intermediate and new coaches. If you have a very strong marketing background in the coaching industry, or already have 30 clients, this one is not for you. (In this case drop me a line and I'll let you know about our most advanced business building training).

  • you expect to be an overnight sensation without any effort on your part. I'll give you sound, proven business success strategies. But it's up to you to put in the work and apply them to create a practice that's the envy of other coaches.

My goal is to get these CDs to the coaches who will use them to build a thriving business. AND - I want to make sure you're not one of those unfortunate coaches leaving their calling because they can't make a decent living.

I invite you to save yourself months and even years of trial and error with these instantly applicable strategies. Save yourself money. And imagine what you could do with the thousands of dollars of revenue from following my tried and tested strategies!


My iron-clad guarantee...

Fill your coaching practice - creating consistent long term marketing engines,
Or Pay Nothing


Don't decide now. Instead, order this powerful CD series on a risk-free basis, and take the next month or two to really immerse yourself in this valuable information.

Within minutes of completing your form, and paying by credit card, mail or phone, you'll be given instant access to the information-packed bonuses above. And your CD series will be shipped within 3 business days.

If for any reason you're not thrilled with your purchase, just e-mail us for a complete refund of all monies you've paid.

I'm serious. I'm not interested in having customers who are anything less than 100% satisfied. I only want to be paid for making a concrete contribution to your success as a coach.

And the clincher...

What's the time limit on this guarantee? You hear others giving you 30 days, 60 days and 90 days to decide?

SolutionBox™ now offers a life time guarantee on this product.

That's right - if you return this product to us when you're eighty years old, and tell us you don't like the color of the packaging, we'll issue a prompt refund. (OK I know that's silly, but I'm making a point).

Why? Because we stand behind the product. I know you'll love what you'll hear, so I'm not worried about the CDs coming back. But I want you to feel 100-percent certain that your investment is completely risk-free.

And... I trust you to do the right thing. Coaches are fundamentally fair, and I know you'll only return this product if it truly isn't what you expected - in which case I want to know!


Order Explode Your Coaching Practice
Plus Bonuses Now  

Click Here


Best Regards,

David Wood, PCC
CEO, SolutionBox.com

P.S. If you are convinced that these low-cost, high-value CDs will explode your practice, don't leave this page without ordering them. As coaches, we know that taking action is the key to success! Order now.

P.P.S Wondering how this compares to the CoachStart™ Manual? Simple...it's more advanced. It's more in-depth. Get this CD set. If you're a new coach starting out, get the Manual too.




Earnings disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. There is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the information on the CDs. Earning potential is dependent on the person using the product. However, we offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Take the Freedom Quiz


SolutionBox™ and Life Coaching Resource.com
Support Center
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